Google Now, Google WOW!

So you just upgraded your android operating system and your mobile device introduces you to Google Now. What in the world is Google Now?


Excerpt from Google:

Google Now gets you just the right information at just the right time.

It tells you today’s weather before you start your day, how much traffic to expect before you leave for work, when the next train will arrive as you’re standing on the platform, or your favorite team’s score while they’re playing. And the best part? All of this happens automatically. Cards appear throughout the day at the moment you need them.

Watch this short video and find out:

Now I just need to try it out on my phone and see how wonderful Google’s genius is!

Hex Colors for Web Design

Red FF0000

Orange Red FF2400

Scarlet 8C1717

Firebrick 8E2323

Brown A62A2A

Orange FF7F00

Mandarin Orange E47833

Cool Copper D98719

Gold CD7F32

Copper B87333

Yellow FFFF00

Bright Gold D9D919

Old Gold CFB52B

Goldenrod DBDB70

Medium Goldenrod EAEAAE

Khaki 9F9F5F

Brass B5A642

Bronzell A67D3D

Bronze 8C7853

Feldspar D19275

Light Wood E9C2A6

New Tan EBC79E

Pink BC8F8F

Wheat D8D8BF

Tan DB9370

Black 000000

Baker’s Chocolate 5C3317

Dark Brown 5C4033

Dark Tan 97694F

Dark Wood 855E42

Dusty Rose 856363

Indian Red 4E2F2F

Medium Wood A68064

Salmon 6F4242

Sienna 836B23

Semi-Sweet Chocolate

Very Dark Brown 5C4033

Dark Olive Green 2F2F2F

Dark Green 2F4F2F

Hunter Green 215E21

Medium Forest Green 6B8E23

Medium Sea Green 426F42

Forest Green 238E23

Dark Green Copper 4A766E

Green Copper 527F76

Sea Green 238E68

Aquamerine 70DB93

Medium Aquamarine 32CD99

Spring Green 00FF7F

Lime Green 32CD32

Green Yellow 93DB70

Pale Green 8FBC8F

Yellow Green 99CC32

Medium Spring Green 7FFF00

Green 00FF00

Cadet Blue 5F9F9F

Dark Slate Grey 2F4F4F

Dim Grey 545454

Light Grey A8A8A8

Very Light Grey CDCDCD

Grey C0C0C0

Light Blue C0D9D9

White FFFFFFWhite

Silver E6E8FA

Quartz D9D9F3

Light Steel Blue 8F8FBD

Rich Blue 5959AB

Dark Turquoise 7093DB

CornFlower Blue 42426F

Midnight Blue 2F2F4F

New Midnight Blue 00009C

Navy Blue 23238E

Medium Blue 3232CD

Blue 0000FF

Neon Blue 4D4DFF

Slate Blue 007FFF

Summer Sky 38B0DE

Cyan 00FFFF

Medium Turquoise 70DBDB

Turquoise ADEAEA

Sky Blue 3299CC

Steel Blue 236B8E

Violet 4F2F4F

Dark Slate Blue 6B238E

Dark Orchid 9932CD

Medium Orchid 9370DB

Medium Slate Blue 7F00FF

Dark Purple 871F78

Maroon 8E236B

Blue Violet 9F5F9F

Orchid DB70DB

Neon Pink FF6EC7

Violet Red CC3299

Spicy Pink FF1CAE

Magenta FF00FF

Thistle D8BFD8


Medium Violet Red DB7093